First thing’s first: The best way to play this game is not to just quickly answer the questions and skip forward to the next game, but to ask questions and talk! As you play the game, you’ll get to know a lot of funny and weird personal stuff about the other players. Instead of just letting those hanging in the air, feel free to interrupt the game by asking for example: “Wow, that’s fucked up! Tell me more about that!” The game is designed to trigger fun conversations so take advantage of that! Now that you understand this, keep reading:


You only need a phone or tablet to play LOCOS! Players will take turns using the same device, but carry on reading and you will see how you can add an extra twist to the game if your friends also have it installed on their devices.


You can choose to play for drinks or points. When you play for points, you are instructed to pick a winner at the end of each round. You can select multiple players at once by tapping on their names. Names that are highlighted are selected will get +1 point. Whoever reaches 20 points first, wins!

When you play for drinks there are no points because everyone is a winner! In drinking game mode you can also enjoy an extra, special game called “Lucky Drinks”.


You can choose between Casual, Wicked, and Naughty mode. Even if you select the Wicked or the Naughty mode, you will get some Casual questions and tasks, because we’ve found the game way too fucked up in these modes and we had to water it up a bit to keep it playable for the masses. But here is a thing; this game in any game mode is just as funny as the people playing it. You will get questions, phrases, and pictures that could make a good joke if you add your part. Here is a test for you: “What did the deaf, dumb, blind orphan get for Christmas?”

The Casual mode is the lightest way for good laughs with not many controversial topics or any sexual references.

The Wicked mode is for people who are not afraid of politically incorrect topics or nasty, disgusting, graphic things.

The Naughty mode has sexual references, questions and tasks. Best for those who have a vast sexual experience or those that want to!


LOCOS! Comes with 13 free games, but you can easily unlock 3 more games by sharing/following and rating us, and even more games by inviting your friends to install the app (Only on Android because Apple forbids the LOCOS! to allow iOS users to get free games in exchange for inviting their friends)! Of course, you always have the option to join the VIP party and instantly unlock all games, premium content, and other special goodies! By default different games come up randomly, so you never know which game the next player will get. However, you can customize each game session by selecting the games you’d like to play. You don’t have to have all the games enabled, if you prefer, you can play only with those that work best with your friends. There is only one requirement, you have to enable 3 games to start playing.


You may notice that the games have different colors. That’s because they belong to three main categories, and there are three special games as well, with green colors. To be honest, those colors are not really important for you during the game, so you can just skip this paragraph, unless you are really curious, what the heck is going on with the colors.

The blue games are active games were the current player has to speak, act, draw, or in general do something actively, while the other players have a more passive role.

The pink games are the opposite. Instead of putting one player in the spotlight, they involve everyone equally. These are voting and trivia games.

The lime green games are the mixture of the previous two. They involve more players actively, while the current player usually has an important, but more passive role.

The green games are special games. Their job is to spice up things a bit by giving you random challenges and tasks. They don’t count as real games and when you play for points, you don’t get any points for them.


You can play with up to 12 people if you are a VIP club member, otherwise up to 4 people can play. If a new player wants to join later or someone passed out drunk and they can’t continue, you can modify the list of players any time during the game by tapping on the question mark (?) icon in the top right corner and then tapping on the icon with 3 little figures. Also, you can rearrange the players any time during the game, in case people mingle and changed seats.


Every game starts by displaying the name of the player whose turn it is. If you don’t know how to play the game in the top right corner click on the question mark icon (?) to see the instructions. When you get familiar with the games you won’t need to read the instructions anymore, just by looking at the title of the game and the illustration you’ll know what game is coming and how to play. If you forget the instructions, you can always read them again by tapping the question mark (?) icon during the game.


At the start of each game, you have two options: to start the game if you are ready, or you can skip a turn. This is useful when the player whose turn it is isn’t present, but you don’t want to wait for them to carry on playing. If someone permanently leaves the game (went home, passed out, died, etc.) then just remove the player from the list and keep playing.


As promised earlier, here is a special twist for you! When it’s your turn to drink in a drinking game, you can defend yourself or pass the drink to someone else! To do that, you also have to have LOCOS! installed on your phone. Just reach for your phone, select JOKER on the main screen and draw a card. Be warned: others can react to your joker cards with theirs! Maybe you pass your drink to someone else, but they can also bounce it back to you with another joker card. You can keep going until you have no joker cards left.


If you don’t play for points, by default on iOS you have 💩 emoji and on Android you have a 🍹 emoji representing your wins/loses in the game. On Android you can change that emoji in the options any time to anything you want: play for kisses 💋, cupcakes 🧁, beer🍺 or whatever. This feature is missing from iOS because Apple forbids LOCOS! from letting iOS users choosing emojis.